Hotmail Account Locked

There may be many primary competitors in the free web email market. The revolution has come up when Hotmail introduced into existence offering increased storage and rapidity. Hotmail features have becoming more advanced with time and space. You can sign your Hotmail account or multiple Hotmail accounts directly through the Windows Live Hotmail home page. You may have heard about incidents where people claiming their Hotmail account to be locked. Resulting, they can’t able to access their account.

Before looking for well proved resolution against Lock Hotmail Account you must know the reason behind the scene. Hotmail, where a most adopted mailing client, too have some security agents. Whenever any potential abuse or breaking attempt may get detected, this is obvious that Hotmail will lock your account and prevent further attempts of logging in. Another reason may be when malware have attacked your device. Getting spams might be the reason that has caused this situation to arise.

Among all the reasons mentioned below, this can be possible that all the reasons are at risk. With your acknowledgement, it can be anyone of them. Spammers are attempting to hijack your account every possible time. If you urgently need to unlock your Hotmail account, then there is none other best service than hotmail toll free helpline. They will help you manage this situation every time you came across this.

Forgot ID & Password

People are having multiple accounts socially and with these accounts, they have to remember usernames, ids and passwords related to them all. Not everyone have this ability to mug up all these private information for so long. Either, they have to write it somewhere so that they can have some resource to get it whenever they want. It is quite possible that user get forgot their account ids and passwords.

In most cases, mailing account users are under this coverage. They tend to forget their account personal information most of the time. If you Forgot Hotmail ID & Password, this becomes obvious that you can’t access to it without them. They are essential for logging-in to your account.

Besides this all, every case of above mentioned issue is generally that the users actually know their password, and that they’re typing everything correctly, still they can't log in. This may be either due to account hacking, or you have input the wrong information, or you are blocked of logging in.

Rather not having access to your Hotmail account for so long, you must search for an alternative that will be helpful enough to get your ID & Password back and be carefree. You can connect to the skilled tech representatives at hotmail customer care help and free from all the complications in a short while.

Add Account To Outlook

Although Hotmail is the best represented mailing service that people choose over any other mailing client available, but at the same time, many complications come over your path which are either technical or non-technical. So, the main focus then becomes is to shift from one to another in search for better service. What that doesn’t mean we have a doubt on the service that Hotmail is engraved with.

But for better performance and reliability, Outlook can be adopted. There are chances you're unable to send or receive email in your Hotmail account or some other time it is possible that Your Hotmail account is not opening. Another reason might be the incapability of your account to sync other accounts.

It is quite effective and helpful as well to Add Hotmail Account to Outlook. But that too sometimes becomes the matter of concern as adding Hotmail Account to Outlook will take enough time and knowledge, that everyone don’t possess. By doing this, you don’t have to logout your one account and login to another. You can access both the accounts at the same time and receive messages on the go.

If you need some guidance related to this issue, just connect the righteous tech people at hotmail support contact and you will be helped within a short span.

Import Contacts From Other Emails

On various occasions people are unable to import their Gmail and Outlook contacts in Hotmail. Below we are mentioning some of the reasons due to which you might get the error while importing your contacts to Hotmail from Gmail and Outlook:

• You are not seeing some of the imported contact info; in that case you can use Excel to open the .csv file to check if you can see all your imported contact info there.
• Sometimes after importing you do not see any contact in the list.
• Apart from this, you can also find that not all your contacts are imported in Hotmail. Like if you have 500 contacts then you are only able to import just 200 contacts. There might be the problem with the format of the content in the row, why not trying removing that row and import the contact again.
• You received an error saying "A file error has occurred in the Comma separated value translator…", this happens when you try to import .csv file that had poorly formatted data.
• You can also retrieve an error saying "Unable to retrieve data". which occurs when you try to import a .csv file that is empty.

So now, it must be clear to you that what kind of error you can receive while importing contacts. If you are unable or facing any error in this process get connected to customer helpline of hotmail.

Switch Offline To Online

There are various reasons why you are disconnected from Hotmail and goes offline, i.e. Switch from working offline to online some of those possible reasons are mentioned below:

• First you need to make sure that your internet connection is working or not.
• If your internet connection is working perfectly then may be the problem is related to the mail server.
• But if you can send and receive mails from the website then the problem is not associated with the mail server. The mail server is working perfectly fine. May be you computer needs an update or some wrong account setting is causing this issue.
• In case you can log on to your Hotmail account from website, but cannot send and receive mails from there then you need an expert assistance for resolving the issue.

You can fix the issue by resetting the Work Offline status. If that doesn’t work check for updates and if necessary install new updates. Lastly, to eliminate any possibility of error or flaws in your current profile, better create a new one. But if you are still getting disconnected status then remove your Hotmail account and add it again to fix the issue call hotmail phone number for more help.

Other Issues

a) Outlook not responding, freezes, or hangs - Hotmail uses some professional add-ins which are not always reliable and can lead to improper functioning of the service. As the mail box size start increasing that start creating issues for user while using the service. Apart from this, you can also face this issue because of advanced settings of your antivirus program. Get help from technical support for hotmail and sit relax.

b) Create and add a signature to messages - It is easy to add or create signature in your Hotmail emails, and for that you need to follow the given steps:

• Select Options and then More Options in Hotmail.
• Then select Message font and signature under Writing email.
• Entered your desired signature and add any formatting if you want under Personal Signature. • Then click Save.

c) Send automatic out of office replies - Say you are away from office but you want to send replies to your clients about your not being available then you can use this feature of Hotmail. To set up automatic replies, click on the file menu and then to Automatic replies, then select Send automatic replies. After that, on the “Inside my organization” tab, type the message that you want to sent to your clients while you are away from office and then click Ok to save your settings.

For get fix all miscellaneous hotmail issues follow support forum.

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