How to Deal With Ongoing Gmail Issues?

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There are more than 1 billion Gmail users all over the world. Although, most of them are happy with its service still at times they have to face some problems. One cannot neglect these issues as they can lead to security issues as well as loss of important data. Users who have basic knowledge about emails settings and technicality can attempt to get rid of these issues on their own by following the suggestions given by experts otherwise they should take help from professionals for this task by giving a call at Gmail Help Support Number UK.

The few problems that can arise while using Gmail are:

Forgotten Password :The most common reason why people lose their access to their account is that they forgot their password. But the user does not have to worry about this situation as Google offers different tools through which you can recover your password. But to recover your password you need to have alternative contact method then only the user will able to send you recovery code.

Problem with Two-Step Verification :Two-step verification is a very good way through which you can make your account even more secure. Google sends you verification code through an SMS but what will you do if you are in a bad signal area and you didn’t get any code. In that case, don’t get panic, instead use the Google Authenticator app.

Missing Email :If you cannot locate an email that you are sure was there, then there is a possibility that you have deleted or archive it. Do check your Gmail trash folder and in case that is not there then also look into the archive folder. You can also search for mail by typing in the search box. You can restore these emails in the inbox as well.

Unable to Load Gmail :There can be multiple reasons behind it. First, you must check that you are opening Gmail in the browser that supports it. Apart from this, sometimes extensions and Add-ons installed on your browser can stop Gmail. You can also try to clear the cache and cookies to make Gmail work smoothly.

We have discussed only a few complex issues with your Gmail account. There can be many more. You can dial Gmail Toll Free Number UK and directly consult our technicians to find a perfect solution to your problem, or user can direct get help from google gmail support forum. We always provide immediate support to all Gmail users no matter what kind of issue they are facing. So, if ever you come across any sort of issue with your Google account, remember that we are there for you.

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