What is the correct way for backup your Gmail Account on a Mac?

The user should never lose his or her correct ways of conducting a task. If there is a difference then objective of it will get diluted. So, talking about it one should always consider having a backup of the different emails received or sent through Gmail. As there is always a threat of another person hacking or losing of the data. For this user needs to make sure of not having a similar form of the password in other accounts.

So, the user needs to follow a methodical procedure of making sure that everything is in order.

The Free and Clunky Way: Google Takeout

The user needs to follow certain guidelines – Like one should immediately go to Download Your Data page and then select the email account. One should not leave any data and download it in a comprehensive manner. The people can even use the .zip format. If just in case the data consumes more than 2 Gig, Google Splits into multiple files. The TGZ or.TAR format allows for larger files.

On completion of the whole procedure or files are to be downloaded, then a link will be sent through Google to you. During this time user can easily add the files inside Google Drive. Having said this, a smart way of avoiding it because then chances of you getting locked out are very much possible.

On the contrary, this would turn out to be of great use if the user is having more than one account. As it is a non-expensive way but also consumes a lot of time whenever this procedure is made active.

Enabling of POP Access –

The user can also make use of an Email Client for backing up the important mail of yours. Such methodology is certainly an easy and comprehensible way of securing the data from Gmail. A time when you download the emails to mail client, then it does get backed up with the other data. Plus, it does provide Offline access to your email too.

For enabling POP access, the user needs to Click on the gear icon which is located at the upper right corner of the Gmail Page in the browser. Now, one should go to Forwarding and Enable POP for all mail. Then the user needs to Click on Configure your Email Client to know the way to enable support for your POP Client.

One benefit of this strategy is that it allows the user to use multiple Gmail accounts and messages show up in Spotlight searches.

There are some other points also which can be understood if the user does make an inquiry to our gmail support services through email or over phone.

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